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TESSCO Introduces New Solutions at TESSCO ONE

TESSCO ONE Opens February 23 in the University of Phoenix Stadium

HUNT VALLEY, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 22, 2016-- TESSCO Technologies (Nasdaq: TESS), a leading provider of the knowledge product and value chain solutions required to build, use, and maintain wireless systems, will introduce Asset Tracking, Education, and Communication Privacy solutions at the TESSCO One Wireless Innovation Showcase and Conference on February 23-24 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Asset Tracking

An extension of TESSCO’s fleet management offering, Asset Tracking is designed to track telemetry and measure performance of everything from containers to construction equipment to rail cars to agricultural machinery. Asset Tracking pinpoints an asset’s GPS location, provides near real-time updates, and can help companies operate and locate their assets more efficiently. In addition to location, Asset Tracking can sense movement of the asset, monitor the temperature of cargo, and provide information to verify proper asset handling.

With this solution, TESSCO has expanded its hardware offering to include software and connectivity as well, creating a complete ecosystem to safeguard equipment and improve decision-making. For a customer, this dramatically simplifies the process of deploying an asset tracking solution, with a combination of devices, software, connectivity, and analytics in one package. As tracking of heavy machinery, cargo, generators, construction equipment, and other valuable assets grows, TESSCO is making the entire program easier to manage.


TESSCO University is an education hub for wireless technicians, professionals, engineers, and designers to learn how to install wireless technology and assemble network systems.

Collecting the many different job certifications, wireless fundamentals, and manufacturer and product trainings in one place, TESSCO University stands to become a larger community and portal for learning wireless systems. Allowing organizations to track their employees’ progress and ensure more efficient, higher-quality installs with a mix of virtual learning, e-Learning, and instructor-led courses, TESSCO University also gives organizations the ability to tailor curricula to the most relevant specialties and topics for their technicians. TESSCO will even bring the courses to an organization for more focused private workshop sessions, as well as host public, open-enrollment courses. The course portfolio, curated by TESSCO’s training team, will not only teach theory but also emphasize hands-on work to ensure students learn both the concepts and their application. TESSCO’s courses have received consistently high marks from customers, and now TESSCO University will bring together a complete menu of classes in a single place.

Enterprise Privacy Platform

TESSCO is offering Silent Circle’s full Enterprise Privacy Platform, including the Silent Phone encrypted communications application, the Silent Manager web service, and Blackphone 2. Silent Phone blankets an organization with secure communication across an iOS and Android device using a no-touch, near-immediate cloud deployment. Silent Manager offers a simple and secure web-based service providing full control and oversight.

Blackphone 2 delivers best-in-class privacy and security with the same functionality and seamless usability of today’s most advanced smartphones. Blackphone 2 provides full disk encryption by default, harnessing the company’s secure operating system, Silent OS, in partnership with Google services. Silent Circle’s products are now available from TESSCO and will be on display at TESSCO ONE.

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